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Material We Purchase

Material We Purchase

APR has effective and proven methods to maximize revenues and minimize costs associated with manufacturing scrap and by-products. Through custom-designed recycling programs we can provide you with on-going solutions for your recyclable industrial scrap.

We assist all of our industrial by-product suppliers in having there recycling process be worry-free. We achieve this goal by implementing these 3 main objectives:

Our 3 Main Objectives

Our 3 Main Objectives

  • Simplifying the recycling process of all industrial by-products. We start by reviewing your current system for recycling as well as you overall disposal process. We then implement an updated and improved system where the primary beneficiary is our customer and the environment.
  • Reducing waste and landfilled costs – once the recycling program is implemented, our industrial customers will see the effects and benefits of these effective measures. By having their overall costs in waste disposal being reduced. As well as
  • Maximizing revenues from scrap sales through proper segregation and identification of products.

These are a list of materials we buy and sell on an on-going basis:

  • Plastics – Purge, regrind, virgin pellets, and parts of :
      • Commodity Grades – ABS, PS, PVC, HDPE, LDPE , PP, others
      • Engineering Grades – PC, PC/ABS, PBT, Nylon, PPS, PPO, others
  • Metals – Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, others.
  • Electronics – Laptops, insulated copper wire, mother boards, electronic boards, others.
  • Cardboard – OCC, Mixed Offer Paper, Cardstock, others.

Traders Welcomed

We purchase quality materials in parts, purge, virgin pellets, regrind, and baled form. If you are a recyclables-commodities trader and you believe that you have a saleable amount of recyclable waste, you can send us a quick email at info@alandro.net to determine the value and provide you with a solid offer. We need detailed information and pictures to provide you with a 24 hour response.

Our Commitment to Our Industrial Scrap Suppliers

  • To provide the necessary equipment in order to minimize handling costs. These include containers, balers, grinders, or even in-house man-power.
  • To provide Certificates of Recycling and Destruction of all materials sold to Alandro.
  • To assure that all materials sold to Alandro are being disposed in the most viable and legal way. These materials are recycled and are re-used for alternate purposes where the intention of all parties involved is to seek environmentally-friendly and cost-effective raw materials vs. new sources.
  • To provide information with honesty and reliability; Information regarding pricing, market trends, service commitments, and quality in materials sold.
  • To establish and fulfill on time payments continuously.

Our Commitment to the Environment

  • To always achieve proper disposal and best possible uses for recyclables
  • To continuously seek alternative markets and eco-friendly uses for hard to move commodities.