4901 Capt Donald L. Foust Rd, Brownsville, TX 78521 | USA Toll free: 1.866.417.3746 | Email: info@alandro.net


Q) What does Alandro Resources LLC do?
A) Alandro Resources LLC is a full service recycler located in Texas. Our products range from plastics, metals, electronics, and cardboard.

Q) What are your services?
A) Alandro Resources LLC is committed to providing quality recycling services to our customers. We provide purchasing, collection, processing, and distribution of recycled commodities that include plastics, metals, paper, and electronics.

Q) What are the processes in recycling?

Q) How do I become a customer?
A) If you are a manufacturer or a recyclables commodities trader and you believe that you have a saleable amount of recyclable waste, you can send us a quick email at info@alandro.net to determine the value and provide you with a solid offer. We need detailed information and pictures to provide you with a 24 hour response.

Q) What are your payment terms?
A) Our standard payment terms are Net 30. Other payment terms are possible based on individual cases where discounts or other incentives apply. We review all material prior to payment to assure the quality is as represented by the sample provided.

Q) What materials don’t you handle?
A) Hazardous waste, alkaline batteries, chemicals, among others, we only handle solid and recyclable waste.

Q) Do you handle other things no listed on the website?
A) Yes, there are items such as solder dross or other alloys and resins that were not listed that we also handle. Give us the opportunity to review the materials you have and we can provide you with a quote within 24 hours.