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Welcome to Alandro Resources LLC

We are a company specialized in the purchase and/or sale of recyclable materials through a renewal of industrial and recyclable byproducts. We aim to maximize the complete cycle of industrial scrap generation and the renewal of recyclable materials with all proper environmental permits and licenses.

In our quest for maintaining long-lasting relations with our clients, we focus on creating a clear system where clients have access to tools that facilitate the recycling process with Alandro Resources. Tailor-made reports on materials delivered, assigned account managers, and continuous audits are just a few examples of how in Alandro we seek to maintain our clients’ trust at all times. Alandro’s recycling cycle is about the renewal of plastic wastes, non-ferrous metals, and e-waste.



Generate proposals of excellence where we maximize the utilization of renewable resources to establish professional relations with an effective interaction for the generation of new business opportunities.


Provide customized options according to our clients’ needs; where each one of them will feel personally well-serviced, by developing a work cycle where elements are combined to create a point of reference for all parties.